Friday, October 20, 2017

Decipher Chinese: a HSK-based reading app

I had another serendipitous (this is fast becoming my favourite English word) find: an excellent Chinese reading app called Decipher Chinese

It is a service that provides HSK graded articles written by Mandarin teachers through a learn-as-you-read activity that you can do on a daily basis with their  new articles posted everyday. 

I think this would work better than the HSK-based books I found earlier, which I have not purchased any yet. 

This is how the app looks like today:

I am still using the free version and therefore, I do not get access to all their articles. Each article is marked with the HSK level, which you can choose to attempt reading. 

And this is one of the articles I was reading today. Each word is marked with the HSK level and as such I should know all the words in grey and green, which is from HSK1-3 and some of the words in yellow, which is HSK 4. When you tap on each word, you will have its meaning, pinyin and audio. 

I am also able to add words into a vocabulary list that can be used as an SRS-based flashcard deck. 

But alas, as it is with free apps, there are limitations to it. Articles I have read will become inaccessible after a few days and I have a limit of only 30 words in the vocabulary list. 

Subscription is at RM20.90 per month, which isn't too bad but I think I will try it out further before I decide. 


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