Thursday, October 26, 2017

Excel and PowerPoint Productivity Hack Training

I spent the last two days attending an excellent training called the Excel and PowerPoint Productivity Hack. 

I know I will have lots to learn in Excel because I really think it's one of the most powerful and useful tool we have. 

I wasn't so sure about PowerPoint. I have taken the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification before, albeit a very long time ago, I thought there wasn't much to it anymore. 

I was so wrong. 

The training was at just the right level. Not too basic and too advanced. Most of the ones I have attended before were either too boring because I already know what was being taught or too complicated and not relevant for use. 

This one is different. The trainer gave us many useful tips and gave me answers to questions I have had all along with the vlookup function and especially pivot tables. 

Then she taught us how to link Excel with PowerPoint where we can use pivot tables with the slicer (slicer? I've heard of slicers in my life and they are awesome!) in Powerpoint, and that with realtime control from Excel. 

I learnt so much and gained access to many resources I never knew about. 

Since I can't begin to teach the "hacks" here, you could try searching YouTube on how to replace the vlookup function with the index and match functions. They work much better than the infamous vlookup

And the trick to manage pivot tables is to setup your table using CTRL + T, after which you don't have to worry about editing or expanding the table. Your pivot tables will still work. 

Go google it. 


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