Sunday, October 08, 2017

Finally, a sermon on envy

It was just two months ago when envy reared its ugly head in my life and I was quite badly affected that I really need to get it managed before it went bad that I found and bought a book to help me with it, which I blogged about here

The book termed it as a sin that no one talks about which is why I am so grateful that it was the topic of our sermon this morning by Pastor Wong Fong Yang. 

Pastor gave us these four ways on how to overcome envy:

1. Having a proper grasp of the gospel that will lead to godly contentment. Jesus is the Lord of all our circumstances. From that deep contentment will flow a right desire for and rejoicing at the good of our neighbour. 

2. Love others, for in 1 Cor 13:4, love does not envy. 

3. Enjoy the glory of God's creation and workmanship. Look on beauty and be grateful. Look on truth and be grateful. Look on talent and be grateful. 

4. Have faith in future grace. Meanwhile, live, work and play with the view of the One audience in mind - his praise matters more than anything or anyone. 

And I would like to add one more, courtesy of the author RT Kendall, that we should accept our calling. We should embrace what God has called us to and not look beyond it. He said, "He has a calling for your life--one that is infinitely better or greater than you could have come up with on your own. When you accept His will and His choice of a career--or job--you are at peace with yourself and lessen the temptation to envy or to be jealous."

And I also have this thought that we will still never ever be satisfied if we get what we covet or envy for. We will still want more and so to counter that, accept what we have and be grateful for it.  

It is however, not an easy thing to do and I am not sure what will happen when it comes again. 

We also talked a lot about it during our CG today and pastor teased us with the possibility of another sermon on Envy Part 2. 

When eh, pastor?


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