Friday, October 27, 2017

Growing up in a musical culture

I have this playlist in my Apple Music which I can't remember when or why I've created it. 

It's a list of songs by 4Men, a South Korean R&B group. Every time I housekeep my lists, I would want to delete it but after listening to the opening of one of their songs, I'd like the sound and end up not deleting it. 

I wanted to listen to something different today and thought I'd check the list out. 

And now I know why I still kept it. They are really talented, with excellent voices. 

I read somewhere that songs and singing is deep in the Korean culture. They are exposed to it from childhood and they never stop singing into adulthood. 

And so far I've heard a few good voices. 

This is one of their best songs. The person with that awesome voice is the one is the middle, 신용재 Shin Yong Jae. 

I am glad I grew up with music in my family though I wish I have been more serious about it then. 

But I am glad that by the grace of God, I grew up in faith communities that gave me the opportunity to serve in the music ministry, in the little ways that I am able. 


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