Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How I made friends across the globe over the years

I had several pen-pals back in my childhood days. Those were the times of aerogrammes and postmen. 

I remember back then when I got back from school every day, I'd wait by the doorway anticipating the ring of the postmen bicycle bell, which of course didn't happen very often. 

I'd probably get a reply once every month or two. But thinking back, it does feel like I had a lot of time. 

Life wasn't in a hurry. 

When I started working, I still made pen-pals but this time, it was the email. I had some disposable income then and we even exchanged gifts by mail. 

I remember once coming home to a box on the floor just outside the door. The errant postmen just threw it in and the chocolate in it were mostly reduced to a melted mess. But they still tasted so good. 

Next came the blog. 

I made many more friends through blogging. The exchange wasn't as long as letters or emails but they were current and relevant. But blogging soon took a dive and weren't as active anymore. 

Life has gone into a much faster pace and ironically, there is now not as much time as we had before. There is just not enough of it. 

Now? It's messaging. 

I made several good friends recently via italki in my pursuit of learning new languages. And the messaging apps that I use almost every day are WeChat with my Chinese and Taiwanese friends, and Kakao with my Korean friends. 

It is real-time and it is really like they are there with me, sometimes yakking away way into the night. 

What's next? Holograms?



  1. Loved those blogging years Pearlie! And you were one of the reasons that I did. Sending you love from across the world.

    1. Yeah...those were the times. But we are still blogging though with a slower pace and different feel maybe. Thanks for the love and sending it back with hugs wrapped round as well.