Friday, October 13, 2017

Isn't life a bit easier to manage with apps but...

I have just updated my iPad with the latest iOS 11 and I'm very happy with it but since there are not many big changes for the iPhone, I've decided to hold on to it first for the phone. 

This is because I do have some apps that will be rendered useless if I do the update:

I am not worried about any of those apps except for Xiezi HSK-3. I just bought it for RM17 in June! And I don't think there are any plans for them to upgrade it. 

I am still so far away from writing any Chinese and I have to give that app up when I upgrade. Looks like it's back to paper and pen then. 

The other app I paid money for that will no longer work is Travel Pocket but I suppose I've got my value worth of $1.99 for 5 years. It's a good app but I should be able to find something free to use. 

It's trivial but these days my life seems to evolve around what apps can do for me to make life easier. 


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