Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Sell With A Story

I am very happy with the time I have, now that I am not watching any TV. I finished a book all in one sitting yesterday and today as I looked through my huge list of books to read, this one stands out. 

Sell With A Story: How to Capture Attention, Build Trust, and Close the Sale
by Paul Smith

I am not a sales person but I am intrigued with the power of story telling. And as much as I don't sell products, I am convinced that I need to learn up some salesmanship because I still need to sell own brand, my ideas and my proposals when I am at work. 

I have only started with the book but it is a good start. I like the voice of the author and I am looking forward to learning how to tell stories and how to sell. 

What is interesting is also this: the author provided a link to a website that has a quiz for you to gauge how well you spot a story. Not every "story" that people tell is a story. 

From the 10 examples provided in the quiz, you are to determine if that is a story or not. Before proceeding to read up what makes up a story, I took the quiz.

And I am so pleased with the results. 

It looks like I am a story spotting expert and that I find and retell great stories. 

Only that now I need to learn to tell them. 

And sell. 


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