Saturday, October 14, 2017

Trip to Kampar

Grace Notes will soon be putting up a concert to raise funds to help the Sengoi orang asli kids in Kampar, and we went there to visit them today. 

We wanted to find out what their needs are. And according to their sharing, we found that other than physical needs like shoes and eye glasses, revision books and a computer, what they also need are opportunities. 

Opportunities to learn and to be exposed, to find out what they can do as they grow up and when they move into the working world. 

And on the whole, there is a need to support them when they grow from the current 16 kids to 37 next year. 

They are a bright and smart group of kids. In just 9 months, a few of them have progressed from being the poorest in class performance to being the top best performers. Amazingly, they picked up English very well too, and as we spoke to them in Malay, they were even helping us to translate English words into Malay. 

We really hope we will be able to make a difference for them. 

Would you? Let me know if you would like to help too. 


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