Saturday, October 28, 2017

What's your music of choice?

I am having a very pleasant Saturday. I thought it will be tough with no TV for the fourth weekend but so far I have not even thought of it today. 

I was up early to drive my son to a conference. And since I was out already, I dropped by the nearest Starbucks in Puchong where I spent two hours going through one of my language flashcard decks. It was a solid full hours of language learning. 

It was hard work but fun. 

I was also listening to this playlist of music which I have not been paying attention in a long while. 

In the midst of my language learning, I try to immerse myself as much as I can through the music I listen to, the TV I watch and the articles I read. 

But I thought I'd go English today. 

And I realized I do have quite a decent playlist:

You can see that I really like songs that are slow to moderate, and particularly those with clear singing voices. As for genre, most of them are rock, indie rock and alternative. 

But my music preference are quite diverse. I have lists ranging from classical to gospel, sacred to pop, rock to chant, M-pop to K-pop to R&B. 

I don't mind the others, but maybe except for techno, heavy metal and jazz. 



  1. Thanks for sharing your fav music here.. Spotify is pretty cool eh? ;)

    1. I thought like me you use Apple Music? I only use Spotify when I want to share lists with friends. And YouTube when I want to share songs :)