Friday, November 24, 2017

When you need an Excel formula or a process map

I find myself in a time where when I want something done or if I need a solution to a work requirement, it is almost always available. 

That said, the things I usually need done aren’t so complicated at all - an Excel formula, a business model, data and information or a process map - and there is always something useful I can pick up from the Internet or AppStore. 

When I need a complicated Excel formula, I would write a post in this Excel forum, which is still very active, with the problem and solution I needed, and more often than not in less than half an hour, someone would respond with a formula. 

When I need an easier way to draw a process map without having to spend so much time drawing boxes and arrows in PowerPoint, I found Q FlowChart a free iOS iPad app where I can draw process maps with just my finger. I created a simple process map in less in 5 minutes, saved in jpeg and exported it over for use. 

We live in a world where tools are always available. We are very industrious and innovative. When there is a need and there is a way, it will be made. 


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