Monday, December 18, 2017

Emergency Bypass on your iPhone

Now that I have used my Mi Band 2 for about a week, I realised one very important thing about emergency calls. 

Ever since I started using it, I have switched off all sound and vibration in my phone in order to prolonged battery life, since I’m going to get notifications on my Mi Band anyway. 

Except when it’s on a Do Not Disturb mode, which I have set to turn on when I’m asleep. 

I then thought—what if I were to receive an emergency call in the middle of the night? 

Even without my Mi Band with the DND mode, my phone would have been on silent anyway and I wouldn’t have notice it vibrating when I’m sleeping. 

Gone were the days when family members can call the house phone that will ring so loud you can hear it from anywhere in the house at any time of the day or night. 

I googled and found out that I can switch on an Emergency Bypass for any selected contacts. 

Do this on your iPhone:
1. Open your Contacts app
2. Search for the desired contact
3. Tap Edit on top right of he contact card
4. Tap Ring
5. Enable Emergency Bypass
6. Do the same for Text, if desired

When the Emergency Bypass is switched on, your phone will ring and vibrate even if your DND is on. 

Do it. Your life or someone else’s may depend on it. 


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