Wednesday, December 06, 2017

I do actually walk more than I thought I would

My hubby got himself a FitBit recently and he is quite obsessed about accomplishing his desired number of steps every day, and he was quite infectious. 

But I did not do anything about it until very recently when I was introduced the BookDoc app that gamifies it all - apparently if you can achieve a minimum average of 3000 steps a day, you can retrieve rewards through the app. 

It was only then when I activated my step counter in my iPhone. 

The BookDoc people told us that the norm in Malaysia is only at 2500 steps per day. And I half-jokingly told my colleague that I will be terrible at it, that I will probably only walk 200 steps a day!

However, I was quite surprised that I actually did manage an average of 3000+ steps over the past few days. And what’s amazing for a person who hates to walk is that I am better than the Malaysian norm. 

The trick now is to walk like what I have been doing for the past few days.

This is a good motivation for me - not so much the rewards, but the fact that I can and do actually walk more than the norm, more than I thought I would. 


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