Saturday, December 16, 2017

Taipei Day 4

It’s our fourth day in Taipei and by now, I am feeling quite exhausted with all the walking. My legs were very much in pain and as a result I began to walk really very slowly by now. 

As such, I did not have the mindset to take any pictures and what saddest is that I met up with my italki language friend, Yi-Jung, but we never took any pictures! I felt so awful about it when I realised that. 

Yi-Jung brought us to Dansui Old Street. It was a 30-minute MRT ride. 

Photo from

All was good except it was raining quite bad. I felt quite miserable today. 

We didn’t stay too long in Dansui and got back to Taipei Main MRT station. Yi-Jung showed us around as we will be taking the MRT to the airport tomorrow. 


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