Sunday, December 10, 2017

Why do we keep seeking for perfection in life?

Have you ever thought that we always want and expect good things to happen all the time. 

And we want it now. 

Healing, solutions, answers, riches, success, any kind of good things you name it. 

We want it now. We want it more. 

Have you ever thought that as human beings, we are made to have a consciousness and mind of our own, and we have this desire for perfection. We desire all things to be good in our lives. 

Do you know that we were created in perfection? But we are far from perfect. We know it and yet we seek for perfection in our twisted imperfect ways. 

And until and unless we acknowledge our own imperfection, we are doomed to spiral into an endless search for perfection but never finding it. 

And until and unless we recognise Jesus as Lord, we will forsake the very perfection we are looking for. 

The sermon today was based on Colossians 1:15-23 on The Preeminence of Christ. 

It’s an crucial message to learn that when Christ came and removed our imperfection, he substituted it with his perfection through his death on the cross and through his resurrection. 

So what we have is Christ’s perfection and not ours. 

Then why do we still strive for it in our own imperfect ways?

We may not realize it but we may feel that Jesus is not enough. We want more. 

And do we know who he is and what he has accomplished?

Until and unless we do, we will not be able to see life to its complete purpose. 

What is your only comfort in life and death? I am not my own, but in Christ in both body and soul, in life and death.1

Heidelberg Catechism

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  1. Perhaps it is in a spiritual sense that we were created in perfection when we were born from above?