Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Monterey Day 7: At the Elkhorn Slough

I met up with Lois today and she brought me for the Elkhorn Slough Safari Nature Boat Tour. 

Here’s the jetty that leads to the boat we will be getting on. 

And off we go...

I only have my iPhone camera with me and it wasn’t so effective taking pictures in the sun. It was after all a beautiful day - clear skies and perfect weather for a boat safari. 

This photo is suppose show you a whole colony of sea lions lazying on a dock away from the sun. 

And here’s a sea lion flapping his fins above the water to regulate his body temperature. He has to keep his fins up because he can’t keep it warm in water like his body can. 

I will see many, many, many types of birds during this boat ride, except I am no bird watcher to know one from the other. They are all just birds to me. 

And here are birds on stilts. 

I don’t have any good pictures of otters but the Elkhorn Slough boasts of the only place on earth with the largest number of sea otters. 

And here we are enjoying the ride and the sun. 

And we completed the tour with nothing but some delicious seafood. 


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