Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bittersweet Home Sweet Home

My plane touched down and I arrived home at 9:30am. 

It is really amusing that after a long 17+ hours flight from Los Angeles to Singapore, the half an hour ride from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur felt like it just lasted a few minutes.

My mom and brother came to pick me up from the airport. 

And as luck or coincidence have it or whatever you want to call it, the policeman stopped my brother who was driving the car and found that he has forgotten to renew his driving license. 

And so I had to drive. 

I was very tired but compared to driving in the US, this was so easy and instinctive. I could do it in my sle...I didn’t have to think or pay too much attention to it. 

Whilst I have enjoyed the trip to the US—except the goodbye part—I didn’t like the food there. And food to me is a big part of traveling if not the biggest. 

So now that I am home, the first thing to do is to go eat something good. 

So the first thing I did even before heading home is to find some good food—ahh...beef noodles...oh so exquisite. 

We had it in Lai Foong in its Puchong branch, famous for its beef noodles. 

But it wasn’t enough. It was still a Saturday morning and I decided to join my parents for their weekly Saturday visit to the mall. 

And we had Lui Char rice at Purple Cane in MidValley Megamall. 

It’s good to be home. 

But it’s hard not to have my son by my side. 

In MidValley, when I saw Tino’s Pizza, I said to my myself, “Hey, let’s pack some home” and in a split second realised that “home” for my son is now thousands of miles away. 

I teared a little. 


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