Thursday, January 18, 2018

Monterey Day 2: Where rain isn’t really rain

I woke up early today and drove the monster of a Chevrolet back to the car rental outlet to return it and they graciously gave me a ride back to the AirBnB. 

My son had a 9 am briefing session at campus today and I thought he’d finish by 10 and we can meet up and have lunch and walk around town. 

I didn’t want to bug him too much but to give him space and so I just waited, and waited, and waited. 

Until I couldn’t wait anymore. 

I tried texting him at 12pm but he didn’t reply...until one o’clock. 

He just woke up. 

Reason is because the briefing session was one you can turn up from anytime from 9 am to 4 pm. I wasn’t happy but there was nothing I can do but to just calm myself down. 

So nothing much happened today. He took the bus, walked to the AirBnB and spent some time with me quizzing him about college. 

And then we decided to walk out at 4 pm to get some dinner. 

I must say that walking in Monterey is very pleasant. Even though it’s officially winter, the temperature in the afternoon and evening  is usually in the range of 10 to 16 degrees Celsius. 

And the surrounding is really lovely. Seaside is a really nice place to live in. 

We decided to have dinner in Taco Bell...

... and no, I don’t like the food there. 

We walked along the area for awhile...nothing much there and he decided to head back to campus. But then it started to rain. We waited quite a long time for his bus, and the bus stop wasn’t covered. 

However, rain here in Monterey isn’t really rain by Malaysian standard. After he finally got on them bus, I started to walk back in the “rain”...

...and even though I was in the “rain” for practically an hour, I wasn’t soaked at all. 

Not at all. 

I got back and all I needed I do was to dab my coat with my towel, and it was all dried up. 

It was actually quite amusing. 


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