Friday, January 19, 2018

Monterey Day 3: The best meatball spaghetti ever

My son has a full-day orientation in campus today and so I decided to just stay in. I don’t have a car and there isn’t anywhere I needed to go anyway. 

And this AirBnB is just too gorgeous not to spend some time in. 

Let me give you a tour. Here’s the living room...

...the dining room...

...and the kitchen. 

I bought some food stuff from the grocery store...just simple stuff. Nothing fancy. 

Here was my breakfast. Coffee is complimentary of the host. 

And here’s my lunch - Yakitori Ramen. The soda is also complimentary of the host. 

I had expected to have the whole day to myself. My son had told me that he would like to spend Saturday tomorrow on his own, but before I knew it, he texted me saying he is on the way to Seaside, wanting to spend the evening and Saturday with me. 

He decided to do that because he knew all I wanted to do to was to spend as much time as I can with him. Awww...

And so I walked out to meet him. Again, it was a beautiful evening. How I wish weather is like this in Kuala Lunpur. 

But we wasted some time because of a miscommunication. I didn’t have data and so his texts didn’t reach me. We waited for each other at the wrong places!

But thankfully, we got together and we decided to go to Gusto Handcrafted Pizza and Pasta. 

We were searching for restaurants to go to and this came highly recommended. 

My son ordered the spinach cannelloni...

...and I decided to go basic and ordered meatball spaghetti. 

I think to test the quality of food in a supposedly good restaurant is to order the most basic dish, right? I really don’t know but I just wanted to see how good they are at making spaghetti. 


It was ok for me, or maybe a tad too rich but when my son tried it, he told me it was the best he has ever eaten in his life. 


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