Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Monterey Day 8: It’s time to say goodbye

Today will be the last day I’ll see him for now till I see him again. He has classes from 4 to 6pm and so he came over in the morning and spent some time with me. 

We then went for lunch and as a farewell lunch he decided on Gusto again. 

My son is a food person. He loves to eat and he really has a penchant for anything Italian. So Gusto it shall be. 

He ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara and he dug in before I remember to take a picture. And it was really yummy. 

We ordered a pizza and it was the best pizza I have ever eaten. 

We then walked to the bus stop which is just a block away and waited for his bus to take him back to campus. 

It was quite a long wait which was fine by me since I get to talk to him and as a mom goes, to give him more advice with the should do and shouldn’t do. 

I can’t say he liked hearing it though. 

And then the bus came and off he went. 

Goodbye dear. Be good and have fun. 


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