Thursday, January 25, 2018

Monterey Day 9: I’m going home, alone

Today is the day I go home alone. And as I have driven him to school and college all these years, this is a long “drive” to college and a long “drive” home. 

I spent the morning cleaning up the AirBnB place as much as I could. I am going to miss this place. 

Like all AirBnBs, I am supposed to check out at 11am, but my flight is at 5:25pm and I don’t have anywhere to go. But the host was gracious enough to let me hang around the house till my transport come to take me to the airport. God bless him!

I got to the Monterey Regional Airport very early, too early in fact. And so I just checked in and spent time reading. 

When the plane lifted off the runway at Monterey, it was kind of momentous for me—it’s like a final goodbye. 

The flight from Monterey to Los Angeles takes about an hour and upon arrival, this is all I see of the city, all lighted up and the roads are mostly congested with cars. It is quite a sight. 

And after this, it’s 17+ hours of flight from Los Angeles to Singapore. 


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  1. Hi, looks like you will be going through another phase of life. Don't mind me asking. What degree program is your son doing ? Which university is this ? Why did he choose the program and the university in Monterey? Did he sit for SAT ? Did he manage to get scholarship from the university through SAT? The reason I ask is because I'm working in a homeschool centre which encourages the student to sign up for SAT in order to get a scholarship in a US university. They told me that even you get a lower score, you still can get scholarship but at a lower percentage. Just wonder whether it is that simple or that easy to get.