Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hiatuses can create new insights

I have been facilitating the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for three and a half years now, and after a break from it for about three months, I am teaching a class yesterday and today. 

And I realise that sometimes a long break is good.

I did think to myself that I have watched those videos so many times that I would have already milked them thoroughly for lessons and applications. 

I was wrong. 

As I was watching those videos again today, I am getting new insights. And I did use them quite well in my debriefs. 

Except that I can’t remember them anymore for me to include them here. What I need to do the next time I do it is to pen down my thoughts for I trust that I will get those insights again, or at least I hope I will. 

And that will be in the next month, in my next session. 



  1. I remember taking several 7 Habits classes 30+ years ago. Always carried my time manager around me. LOL. Not sure it helped my OCD.

    1. Wow...30+ years ago? But Steven Covey published his book in 1989 :)

  2. Ha! I did take time management classes before Covey. I remember dragging my time manager around with me in the 80s. Not sure that it made this Type-A guy more effective though. Just more obsessive. ツ