Sunday, February 04, 2018

Wonderful Things of the World #7: Loong Yuk Gon

Here is my 7th entry of what I think is one of the wonderful things of the world but I don’t know why so far they are all in the food category. 

Books are wonderful too but I would blog them as book reviews. 

Anyway, the Chinese New Year is fast approaching and it is only during the CNY that I allow myself to eat Loong Yuk Gon. 

Its name in Cantonese obviously belies itself. Loong (dragon) Yuk (meat) Gon (dried/jerky) is of course no dragon meat. It’s pork and there is the chicken version too. Not too sure about beef though. 

Which is your favourite?

We just bought some from Bee Cheng Hiang today, but my hubby likes those from Oloiya and my mom’s favourite is from Hock Seng Guan. 

The reason why I’m limiting myself to have this only during the CNY is that even though it’s yummy, it’s not healthy. 

But when are tasty stuff ever healthy?!


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