Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Sandwich from God. Filling/Part 1: You hem me in behind and before

I was talking about how God gave me a sandwich yesterday when I asked for a word from him. 

As the first song—the bread—was about to come to an end, I tapped on repeat. But I felt an urging to let it play on. And so I did. 

And this song was played. 

Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)

You hear me when I call 
You are my morning song 
Though darkness fills the night 
It cannot hide the light 
Whom shall I fear 

You crush the enemy 
Underneath my feet 
You are my sword and shield 
Though troubles linger still 
Whom shall I fear 

I know who goes before me 
I know who stands behind 
The God of angel armies 
Is always by my side 
The one who reigns forever 
He is a friend of mine 
The God of angel armies 
Is always by my side

My strength is in your name 
For you alone can save 
You will deliver me 
Yours is the victory 
Whom shall I fear 
Whom shall I fear 

And nothing formed against me shall stand 
You hold the whole world in your hands 
I'm holding on to your promises 
You are faithful 
You are faithful 

Songwriters: Chris Tomlin / Ed Cash / Scott Cash Whom Shall I Fear lyrics © Capitol Christian Music Group, Music Services, Inc

Even though I have this in my playlist, I was not familiar with it. But as I listened to it, I was strengthened. 

I was taught and ministered by Sunday’s sermon on Psalm 139 and the words in this song reaffirms that he hems me in behind and before. 

O God, nothing formed against me will stand. You hold the whole world in your hands. I will hold on to your promises. You are faithful. 

My story will continue tomorrow. 


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