Sunday, March 11, 2018

An Empty Cup

I hold in my hands an empty cup
I hadn’t known it to be so
But it was empty it was such 
Though I thought it overflowed
But nay it was empty still 
I looked and there was nothing
I thought I had it filled
It had to at least with something

The cup was once not empty it was not
It was full and it was brimming
With stuff so good I always thought
I’d always have it coming 
But alas it’s all drained out now
I hold on my hands an empty cup
I have to do something but how
What should I do to fill it up

I now see I have filled it with stuff
I thought will amount to something
But these stuff are all but fluff
It goes into the cup and becomes nothing
I thought they’d be good
I thought they’d be fine
I was wrong I was so wrong
I was totally out of line

I really need to do something
I have in my hands an empty cup
I need it filled with good things
I need it to fill it up
I need to go back to the good things
The stuff that I love so much 
The mulling, the thinking, the reading
To go back to them now I must

I have in my hands an empty cup
I now need to fill it up

Copyright © 2018 Pearlie Ng

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