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Seoul Day 7: SPRINGDAY 봄날 bomnal

I signed up for another Airbnb experience session just before I flew to Seoul. I received another email from Airbnb with a list of stuff that might interest me and I thought this just might be a really good experience.  I listen to a lot of music. And I sing a lot all the time. Once a week in choral practice, once a week in church service and everyday in my car. I work out my vocal cords a lot! And so I thought it would be interesting to experience firsthand how a song is recorded, mixed and produced.  It is an early session at 10:00am in the morning and so I got up early and started off as early as 8:30am, but the studio is quite a distance from my hostel and quite a walk from the subway station too. While I was walking there from the station, I was worried I'd get lost. But thankfully I didn't and here I am at King Studio, and just in time too. I was greeted by three gentlemen. Kingsman, the owner of the studio, Wildy his intern from Indonesia who int

Seoul Day 6: MUSIC 음악

Back in Kuala Lumpur when I booked my accomodations using Airbnb, the app immediately showed me a list of stuff I can do in Seoul. It's Airbnb via experience packages. And this caught my eye immediately - a music walk in Hongdae with a musician. It sounds so perfect and so romantic, in the art sense of course. And so I signed up almost immediately.  I had wanted to go to Hongdae anyway to listen to buskers and get into the music scene there.  And I was really looking forward to this.  My session with the musician is supposed to be at 1:00pm. But I did not have enough sleep last night because someone's alarm went off at 6:30am and I was up since then.  But since I didn't have any plans to go anywhere in the morning, I decided to just go chill out in a cafe. I got off at the Hongik University subway station and arrived at the Gyeongui Line Book Street. The "line" was supposed to be a train track line, which was dism

Seoul Day 5: SEOUL 서울

형래 Heongrae, 완용 Wanyong, and I are to meet up today and I'm excited!  While I would also choose FRIENDS 친구들 chingudeul as word of the day like yesterday, but because the day was really a full day of exploring the city, SEOUL 서울 would be the perfect word to sum it up. Note: This is a very long post by the way, probably the longest I've ever written -  worth 10 posts if I were to break it up! Anyway, since we are only meeting up at 1:00pm, I decided to go attend a church service this morning.  I decided to go back to my roots and attend a Methodist church. So I hopped into a bus. But I think my GPS was acting up and so I was a bit confused but since I saw a church by the road where it's supposed to be, I quickly got off the bus.  And here I am.  It took me awhile to find the sanctuary that is on the 3rd floor. There were no directional signs. I took a seat and waited for the service to start at 9:00am as stated in the church website. But the longer I waited, the more