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At the bank on a Friday and right before Raya

우리는 요즘 은행에 거의 가지 않는다. We seldom go to the bank these days but when I went there today—being firstly, a Friday afternoon and secondly right before the Raya hols—it took me the longest time to get my thing done. I had no choice but thankfully it wasn't that bad. Unlike the days of old, at least I have my phone with me to keep me occupied for the entire hour of wait. And the CIMB staff in this branch are the nicest bank staff I've met, making it very pleasant. Are they better engaged staff compared to the Maybank ones I met yesterday? pearlie p/s please don't mind me trying out my Korean once in awhile here in my blog. And probably my Mandarin too sometimes. Learning them slow and steady but it does feel like I'm getting nowhere. 

Helter skelter headless chicken

I have so much on my plate at work these days I really feel like I am running around helter skelter like a headless chicken. Gone are the days when I can sit down and be quiet to think. And for a person who loves to be quiet and think, it is getting to me. I need to make time to do that at work. But there is just too many things to keep up with. How do you do it? pearlie

Life's governed by passwords

Life is so complicated these days when you have to remember hundred and one passwords.  I just saw an email this morning saying that one of my account login passwords have been compromised and I was advised to change it. Grrhh...I woke up at 5:16am and I shouldn't have checked my notifications. I spent the next 2 hours securing my accounts and I am only 20% completed. I then began to wonder how safe my passwords are anyway. I found this very interesting article:  Calculating Password Complexity In brief, it takes: 0.0085 seconds to break a password with all numbers like 123456789 1.8 seconds to break a password with all lower case like strawberry 7.6 minutes to break a password with a mix of lowercase and uppercase characters like capPuCciNo 31 minutes if we include in numbers in a 8 character password like r2d2c3PO 4 hours if we add in symbols for a 8 character password like %ZBGbc]8 4 years if we increase that to 10 characters It is therefore adv

This song really makes me happy

I can't remember which church I was in when I heard it being played over a video presentation when I Shazammed it. If you are curious, yes, I've been visiting churches these days to sing under Grace Notes. How I wish I can do this song in my church. But with my team being just one keyboard and one vocal, there is no way I can do it. Tak terbayang kebesaran-Mu Your greatness is unimaginable Dan tak terbanding kekuatan-Mu Tuhan And Your power is unmatchable Kau megah bagiku You're majestic to me Seg'nap jiwa dan pengharapan All of my soul and hope T'lah kuserahkan 'tuk rencana-Mu Tuhan I surrender them to Your plan, God Kau Raja atasku You are my King Hanya Kau yang layak di tinggikan Only You are worthy to be lifted up Ajaib Kau Tuhan You're miraculous Agung dan perkasa Great and mighty Kau sumber kemenanganku You're my source of victories Layak berkuasa You deserve to rule Mem'rintah s'lamanya Reigning forev

My take: Android vs. iOS

After using iOS for the past 10 years, I've finally jumped ship and have been using Android for 2 months now. I'm still discovering new things and having fun with it.  And so for those who might want to consider shifting from Apple to Android, here's my take on what's better in Android and what's better in iOS.  How Android is better than iOS 1. I find that Hey Google is way better than Hey Siri. It's much more more intuitive and you'll get more things done with Hey Google.  2. I like it so much how I can customise how my screen looks like in my Android phone. It uses Nova Launcher where I can pack all apps that I frequently use into the home screen–all 47 of them. I do the same with my iPhone too but it can only fit 28 in the home screen.  3. I also like how I can remove the app names from the apps in my home screen. It looks much better visually and I recognise them by their app icons anyway. I do this via Nova Launcher and here is how it looks like, all

Me? Apple to Android?

I have gone Android! Haha. My friends and colleagues were so surprised because I was as Apple as I can ever be, beginning with my 3G, to 4, 4S, 5S right up to the 6S, and not forgetting my iPad 2, 3 and Air 2. Not anymore. And with that my whole family has gone Android and I'm not to be left behind. And I meant it—behind. It's another blogpost altogether but we felt that Apple is stuck in the their former glory and not only that, their prices have gone absolutely crazy. Anyways. It started with my son getting the Pixel 2, having sworn off Apple products. My husband bought the S10 when it was launched here on 5th March. He who does not line up for anything lined up 3 hours to get the phone and a free pair of Galaxy Buds. Me? I was left alone with my iPhone 6S. Not that I mind and I was prepared to continue to use it for two more years since I just got its original battery replaced. Until... I won a phone another phone at a lucky draw! For the record, this will

The elusive writing bug

I have not been writing for a long while now and I must say I miss doing it. So let me just try to kickstart it again and see where it goes. I do hope I get back into the bug of writing. For reasons unknown, at least to me, some photos in my blog have disappeared. It was frustrating and it did hamper my motivation to write but finally I got to it and managed to replace one, just one. But then one entire post disappeared on me! I must have accidentally clicked something by mistake. So that post about gamifying your daily life is gone forever. I can't even remember what I wrote in order to recreate it. I can probably write a fresh new piece from a new perspective after about a year gamifying my daily life. Surprisingly a few people I met did ask me why am I no longer writing and blogging. I was encouraged (thanks guys!) and even though it is taking me awhile but let's hope this work. Let's hope my writing bug is back and here to stay. pearlie