Friday, May 31, 2019

At the bank on a Friday and right before Raya

우리는 요즘 은행에 거의 가지 않는다. We seldom go to the bank these days but when I went there today—being firstly, a Friday afternoon and secondly right before the Raya hols—it took me the longest time to get my thing done.

I had no choice but thankfully it wasn't that bad. Unlike the days of old, at least I have my phone with me to keep me occupied for the entire hour of wait.

And the CIMB staff in this branch are the nicest bank staff I've met, making it very pleasant. Are they better engaged staff compared to the Maybank ones I met yesterday?


p/s please don't mind me trying out my Korean once in awhile here in my blog. And probably my Mandarin too sometimes. Learning them slow and steady but it does feel like I'm getting nowhere. 

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