Saturday, May 25, 2019

The elusive writing bug

I have not been writing for a long while now and I must say I miss doing it.

So let me just try to kickstart it again and see where it goes. I do hope I get back into the bug of writing.

For reasons unknown, at least to me, some photos in my blog have disappeared. It was frustrating and it did hamper my motivation to write but finally I got to it and managed to replace one, just one.

But then one entire post disappeared on me! I must have accidentally clicked something by mistake.

So that post about gamifying your daily life is gone forever. I can't even remember what I wrote in order to recreate it. I can probably write a fresh new piece from a new perspective after about a year gamifying my daily life.

Surprisingly a few people I met did ask me why am I no longer writing and blogging. I was encouraged (thanks guys!) and even though it is taking me awhile but let's hope this work.

Let's hope my writing bug is back and here to stay.


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