Sunday, June 16, 2019

A need for time out

I live in a household of introverts and we understand our interaction needs and limitations. And we are comfortable with each other. 

But out of that context, I find it very hard to exist in a world where others expect me to interact all the time. 

I do sometimes turn down invitations and I have walked out of events and gatherings midway before, and I do feel bad about it.

Don't misunderstand me. I do enjoy get-togethers and I do look forward to meeting up with friends and family. 

But there are times when I really need that space for myself. And it's owning that space without feeling guilty about it that is bothering me. 

Maybe what I need to do is to connect with my extroverted friends and ask them how they feel and how they manage it when their invitations or expectations to connect are rejected.

And what introverts need to do is to speak up and extroverts to listen in.


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