Sunday, June 09, 2019

A sermon on divorce

Today is the first time I've ever listened to a sermon on divorce. 

We are in the midst of expository sermons on Matthew, and our speaker Dr Leong Tian Fock had to tackle Matthew 19, on the topic of Marriage in the Kingdom. 

And he did it superbly well. I had so many questions when he first started, where he laid the foundations, but as he moved on, most if not all of my questions were answered. 

There are several views on divorce and I like this part when Dr Leong said that when godly theologians and good Bible scholars cannot come to a consensus, that means the Bible is not very clear on that particular issue and in this case an ethical issue, and this means whatever stand you take, there is a chance of making a mistake. 

And so like Dr Leong I will also take his philosophical stand, which is to err on the side of compassion. 

It's a tough thing and I know friends who are struggling with it, wanting to know exactly what the Bible says. It is therefore so very important for this to be taught in church. 

If you would like to listen to the sermon, it is found here.


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