Sunday, June 30, 2019

Be careful when using search engines

"사람들은 검색창 앞에서 가장 진실해지거든.
People become very honest when they are in front of the search engine."
~ Search WWW

I began watching this Korean drama called Search WWW and found it really interesting. 

One of the good things about watching good Korean dramas is that you will end up learning something new. This is because their stories are usually set in a specific context and industry where you'd get a peek into how the world works in that context. 

Stories about a cleaning service, a publishing house, how a prison works, the court house, the airport, just to name a few. 

Search WWW is set in the context of a search engine company and after watching just the first episode, I've realised a few things. 

One of the characters in the drama said this and I find it so true: that we become our true selves when we use the search engines. 

What a scary thought. Whatever we do online is no secret. We may think that we are doing it all in privacy in our own room but everything we do online is accessible by goodness knows who. 

This made me wonder if the incognito mode in an internet browser would be a good idea but then I read somewhere that even that does not mean that we are entirely anonymous in the internet. 

We cannot stop using the internet. Just know that we can be observed when they find a reason to. 


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