Thursday, June 06, 2019

Getting rid of stray cats from your garden

Stray cats are getting on our nerves.

They sleep on top of our cars. They leave dirty paw prints on our car's clean white finish.

And worst of all they poop on the garden where get I in and out of my car, so much so that when I come back from work in the evenings, I would have to use my flashlight to make sure I don't step on poop.

I tried googling for cat repellents but couldn't find anything that's simple enough.

I read about covering the whole garden with wire mesh because cats do not like to walk on it. Neither do I though.

Another way is to spray the garden with ammonia. Cats won't like the smell. But then again neither would I.

Then my hubby had a great idea: spray the grass with vinegar.

I thought why not since it's natural, safe and I wouldn't mind the smell. At least it wouldn't be as bad as ammonia. 

So I took a spray pistol, filled it with 50:50 vinegar and water and started spraying that spot where I get in and out of my car.

And it worked!

Not only there is now no more poop in the garden, the cats stopped sleeping on top of our cars too.


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