Saturday, June 08, 2019

How many powerbanks do you have?

I still remember the first power bank I bought. 

It was a YooBao with 5800mAh capacity that cost me at least RM200. 

That was many years ago. 

Right now, just like me, you probably would have so many you don't know what do with them.
I have 4 not counting the one that is like a lamp, which is so impractical. It's so inconvenient to carry around and putting it on the desk is useless since I will use the electric wall socket anyway. 

I know. Four. Why, right? 

From left to right: I bought the first one and thinking it was spoilt, I bought the second one. The third was a door gift and the fourth is my newest favourite thing. 

Melissa bought it for me when she was recently in Korea. Thanks Melissa! Loving it!
And how much capacity do you think I have all in all? 

29,200mAh. LOL. 


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