Saturday, June 15, 2019

Human and androids - being relational

I am watching a show on robots and androids. It deals with human emotions, about giving and taking, about expectations. 

And with that I do begin to wonder how would human and androids exist together in the future?

My good friend refuses to watch shows with androids. I haven't asked her why but I'm sure she would say that it is meaningless for a human to form relationships with a machine. And any happy endings to such dramas would be unrealistic.

I know it's still something very distant in future but I do wonder how will human and androids when they exist together relate to each other.

I do sometimes talk to my car. I know. Weird. But then I'd use it and then park it in the driveway. Forgotten.

Say if I have an android-housekeeper, I'd obviously talk to it but would I then just switch it off when work is done?

The closest we have now to an android is the smartphone. I speak to my phone to get it to do things but it's still a phone. 

But what about an android with a face and a smile?


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