Thursday, June 20, 2019

I'm now PAPI 3 certified!

For those who know me well, they'd know of my deep interest in personality tools. 

I've spent many years delving into the 16-type theory and love watching people using the 16 types. And I was so intrigued by Carl Jung's theory on the shadow archetypes. Still am. 

But I didn't have the opportunity to be MBTI certified. Hope to be soon though unlikely. 

Then came the Gallup Strengths. When I first started working in U Mobile, there was a presentation on it by Gallup Singapore organised by Berjaya Group and we were invited. 

One thing led to another and I became Gallup-certified. One of my proudest thing. Still is. 

Then comes Cubiks PAPI 3. I have quite a history with this tool. I have used it many times with our clients when I was in KPMG under the tutelage of my colleague who's certified. 

And I have recently developed a Succession Planning framework and we began looking for personality tools to help identify potential employees and out of the many that we have seen, we settled with Cubiks. We like its capabilities and flexibility. 

Though we had a tough time getting through the legal side of the acquisition of services but it finally went through. 

Nine of us went through an intensive training session, both theory and practical and we are all certified as of today. 

Good work guys!


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