Friday, June 14, 2019

Where do you store your photos?

I heard in the news that Google is ending their partnership with someone that manages the syncing of photos in Google Photos and I wasn't happy. 

I use Google Photos a lot and my Razer Phone 2 believe it or not does not have a photo gallery. All my photos goes into Google Photos. 

I only found out later that my fears were unfounded. The change only affected syncing between Google Photos and Google Drive, which I don't do. At least I hope that is the only thing that is affected. 

If you only store your photos in your phone, then you should take a look at syncing your phone with Google Photos. I have two of my friends who lost all their travel photos. You can imagine how devastating that can be. 

I hope Google Photos will stay for a long while. The cloud and data storage scene will see more changes as we go along and I wonder how long more will I be able to keep up with my data storage without paying a single cent.


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