Sunday, July 21, 2019

A sunburst of musical diamonds

I have always found public praying hard and would rather not do it, but I still have to as a worship leader, and so when I came across this book, I quickly bought a copy and began reading.

Leading in Prayer, A Workbook for Worship
by Hughes Oliphant Old

I have only just started but have already found it very useful. My next rostered duty will be a month away, which gives me enough time to finish reading it.

It will definitely become my reference book from now on when I prepare to worship lead. 

It is also a very good read. Whilst reading the chapter on The Psalms as Prayer, there is a considerable section on singing the Psalms. And I read this line, highlighted here:

I like how the author described it as "a sunburst of musical diamonds." 

Wow, it definitely makes me want to check it out. 

It is indeed lovely and I wish I'll be able to one day sing it in a cathedral with the most wonderful acoustics. 

Check it out, if you do appreciate 15th century high church music, that is. 


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