Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Beautiful Accident ★★★☆☆ and Wonderful Nightmare ★★★★★

I was watching some music videos when I found this original sound track with some movie clips done for a Taiwanese movie, Beautiful Accident.

It looked interesting and so I watched it, the movie. 

It's about a lawyer who didn't have time in the world for anyone else but her own success and career. Until she got into an accident, accidentally died, and the heavens needed a week to get her life back. So in the meantime, she is required to fill in as a wife and mother of two.

Beautiful Accident (2017)

It was only later when I discovered that it was a remake of a Korean movie, Wonderful Nightmare. 

This is like when I discovered Miss Granny and 20 Once Again and watched both in sequence. I found their similarities and differences very interesting and wrote about it here

And obviously I watched Wonderful Nightmare too.

Wonderful Nightmare (2015)

My take? 

I find the Korean version very much better than the Taiwanese one. 

For one, when I was watching Beautiful Accident, I was griping on fact that with only 7 days it was too easy for the lawyer to get into her new life. I think it probably only took her 4 to 5 days and she was already comfortable in the role of a mother, caring and standing up for her kids. Impossible. And getting too comfortable with the husband in that short time.

The original Korean version is more realistic, albeit being a fantasy. She had one month and even at the tail end of the month, she didn't really settle into her new role and her reactions were more natural. 

And I prefer the Korean ending of the movie. 

I shan't give out any spoilers. 

If I got you interested, watch them. And I'd recommend the original one first, then the remake. Of course. 


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