Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Best song covers I've ever heard

I was checking out YouTube and noticed this video in the recommended videos to watch. I am picky about what I watch but the song title got me - Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time.

I grew up with this song and so I watched it, a cover of the song nonetheless, and I was enthralled. 

JTBC Superband is a new reality show in South Korea where they have contestants team up in bands to perform. 

I have not seen much, and they have not subtitled the episodes and it will take me a really long time to figure out the conversations. So I haven't watched it yet. 

But here are the YouTube versions: take a listen and tell me their talents are not insanely good. 

Most of them are Korean Americans, but I still have problems with their pronunciations, here and there. 

But their voices, and music prowess, they are so good. 

JTBC Superband, Time After Time
This starts off a bit on the slow side but keep listening, it gets better and it closes with a grand finish.

JTBC Superband, Creep
This to me is the best cover of the song. And I'm in love with the ending. Notice the dialogue between the voice and the string. Awesome.

JTBC Superband, Ilysb
And this is one song I can't stop listening to. I listened to the original but I find this cover much, much better in quality and especially interpretation. 

They are also in Apple Music and Spotify. Check them out there.


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