Tuesday, July 02, 2019

God Allows Complaints

I was in KL Wesley on Sunday and found the sermon preached by Rev Dr T Jeyakumar very good. 

I was waiting for the church to probably put up the sermon in mp3 but all I found was a PDF sermon notes

He gave an expository sermon on Habakkuk 1 and here are some of his memorable statements. 
Habakkuk is not asking why evil but how long will God tolerate evil. He begins with faith, a questioning faith. He knows only God can put things right but why not as quickly as he wants it to. So many things God seems to be overlooking...He was disturbed how long will God tolerate evil. And how can more evil nation used to punish a less evil nation?
Is we don't point out of the sin of others we do them the greatest disservice and we mock the good news of God.
God will not abandon us. We are suffering not because we are abandoned but because he is disciplining us. 
For more, check it out here


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