Monday, July 22, 2019

My Tapestry of Songs

It's my birthday today and as I commute to work, I thought I'd shuffle play my 1000+ songs in my Apple Music and get surprise birthday gift songs one by one in a row. 

It's the happiest commute ever!

The first song itself gave me an idea to weave my own birthday gift by taking a sentence out of each song to make a tapestry of lyrics.

So I connected all 20 songs into one song all for myself. Yea, I was commuting quite a lot today. LOL. 

It was tough to connect 20 songs of different context, in its proper sequence as it plays, and I know it's far from perfect. It may even sound wrong but that's life isn't it?

We try to put things together but not everything seems to fit, and we never could attain that perfection we always wanted. 

But in the end, it is the LORD who holds our life together and it's only in him we find our true purpose, our final home. 


And he said age is just a number,
But it feels like I've opened my eyes again,
The Lord gave the word,
소리조차 내지 않을게요.
(sorijocha naeji aneulgeyo/
I won't even make a sound.) 

無論多麼壞 好心態,
(mou4 leon6 do1 mo1 waai6 hou2 sam1 taai3/
No matter how bad it can be, I am positive
가끔은 이 모든 게 두렵네,
(gakkeumeun i modeun ge duryeomne/
Sometimes, everything is so scary
같은 실수 다시 안해,
(gateun silsu dasi anhae/
I won't make the same mistake again
But thanks be to God.

Crucifixus etiam pro nobis,
(He was crucified also for us
Your grace abounds in deepest waters,
내가 살아가는 이유 너 하나야,
(naega saraganeun iyu neo hanaya/
The reason I live is only you)
오늘밤이 지나면 새로운 날이 시작돼.
(oneulbami jinamyeon saeroun nari sijakdwae/
When tonight passes, a new day will start)

내겐 끝도 없이 멈춰있는 시간 같아,
(naegen kkeutdo eopsi meomchwoinneun sigan gata/But it feels like it’s been eons)
고요한 침묵만 가득한 마음은,
(goyohan chimmungman gadeukan maeumeun/
My heart is filled with nothing but a still silence
오늘 그리고 지금 나의 삶은 도대체 무엇을 위하지,
(oneul geurigo jigeum naui saleun dodaeche mueoseul wihaji/Today and this moment, what is the purpose of my life?
I'm giving my all and I know peace will come.

I'm gonna give you my heart,
No holding back, no holding out,
And it was there that you found me,
You know I want that, home.

Troye Sivan, Seventeen 
Rachel Platten, Better Place 
Handel George Frideric, The Messiah 
Chen, Love Words 

Yoga Lin, Worst Come to Worst 
BTS, Anpanman 
Sik-K, Sorry (1000) 
Handel George Frideric, The Messiah 

Antonio Lotti, Crucifixus 
Hillsong, Where Oceans Rise 
4Men, 너 하나야 (Only You) 
Taeyang, Stay With Me 

10cm, That 5 Minutes 
Chen, Flower 
Bewhy, OK 
Sia, Helium 

Coldplay, A Sky Full of Stars 
Rend Collective, All That I Am 
Gungor, Late Have I Loved You 
BTS, Home


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