Thursday, July 04, 2019

The heart won't let it go

Ever since I began using my Razer Phone 2, which I won in a lucky draw, it has now become the only device I use. 

And I had so many devices that I carry with me everywhere I go: the iPhone, the iPad and my Kindle Paperwhite.

I sold my iPhone two weeks ago. And I just sold my iPad an hour ago!

I have been using my Razer Phone for all that I need to do so much so that my iPad had been sitting on the shelf untouched for the longest time.

I do not like to see it unused. But my heart didn't want to let it go. 

But then I was thinking since nobody batted an eyelash when I put up my iPhone 6S for sale in, I thought I'd just do the same with my iPad and see if there'd be any interest. 

I posted these shots. Not very attractive I know but believe it or not, I got 10 inquiries for it. 

I responded to the ones I was comfortable with and finally sold it to one of them. 

My head won. But my heart is aching.


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