Thursday, August 01, 2019

Swing Kids ★★★★★

I keep a movies-to-watch list and high on it is Kang Hyeong Cheol's Swing Kids.

It is a movie about prisoners of war in Geoje Prison during the 1951 Korean War.

I am not a fan of war movies but I'd watch anything with music and dance. I finally got to watch it. I really like it, though I did find it a tad too long.

Here's a trailer, which I found quite compelling. 

If you asked me how I find it, I would agree with this reviewer who said, "By the end, fancifully snappy dance numbers vie with grisly bullet ballet for top setpiece honors: Kang stages both with aplomb, leaving audiences caught between crying and cheering."

The final show dance was so well done I was tingling with goosebumps with the addictive beat and music and movements. 

But the ecstacy did not last. 

What I really love about the movie is the mixture of drama and wit, music and dance, but it also comes with propaganda and demagoguery, cruelty and violence, racism and discrimination, war and death. 

And one of my favorite is the rain scene where the protagonist was watching his two comrades at two sides of the prison camp "talking" to each other with dance moves, subtitles provided. 

It was bitter sweet but oh-so-amusing. 

I couldn't find that scene in YouTube, but you should check this one out. This I could watch over and over again. 


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