Thursday, December 26, 2019

Seoul Day 2: PEOPLE 사람 saram

Oh I am in Seoul! 

I am so looking forward to the day and days ahead. But I didn't make much plans for today though. After a long flight yesterday followed by a long day out with 형래 Heongrae and 완용 Wanyong, I am quite tired and decided to just walk around the hostel area. 

I use the TripIt app to plan and record my trip. It's very useful whether you are a natural planner or not. And especially for a non-planner like me, it really helps to keep track of where I went and where I want to go. 

And here I am at the hostel lounge area, which is decorated so prettily. But it's quite a small space. It can only seat 4 people comfortably. But the whole place can house 26 people I was told.

I started off and stopped by a convenient store to get a Tmoney card. I paid a little extra for this Kakao version, and topped it up with ₩20,000. Tmoney is used to pay for rides in subway trains, buses and taxis. 

The other app I found very useful is Trabee Pocket. You begin by recording how much foreign currency you have with you and the exchange rate you converted it with. Log in the expenses as you go along and you will be able to see how much you have used both in your own and foreign currency. You can see here how I've logged in my expenses and the balance I have at the end of the day. I can tap on the balance and spending and to see the total in Ringgit Malaysia. 

Anyway, I have decided to spend on a dollar to dollar basis. If not, I will never ever spend a single sen because things are so, so expensive after conversion. 

With my Tmoney card ready, I walked across the street and here is the 이대역 Idaeyeok or Ewha subway station entrance. 

But since I decided to explore the area, I didn't go down to the station but proceeded towards the Ewha Women's University area. 

Straight ahead and you will the university building. 

And this is me all bundled up. The weather today wasn't that cold. It was about 4 degrees C but it was drizzling. I did bring an umbrella thankfully. 

A rainy and cloudy day indeed.

I didn't go into the campus area since there was a sign that disallow tourists from entering and so I turned back and walked around Ewha shopping area. 

I found this shop that sell clothes at very reasonable prices. Sweaters and shirts and bags at only ₩10,000, and padded jackets at only ₩40,000. But I didn't buy any since I can't wear them at home in the warm weather. 

I then decided to go to sit in a cafe and have coffee. There are many cafes around but I decided on this one called Banapress.

I went in and stood at the counter but no one paid me any attention. I waited for about a minute or two and still no one seem to be bothered. I began to look around and ah...I see the ordering kiosk. 

On a dollar to dollar basis, this cup of Americano is really cheap at only ₩1,500. 

I sat down at a table but as soon as the people who were seated at the window seat left...

...I quickly moved over and started my favourite activity: people watching. 

In just under a minute, I saw three, not these three though, good looking boys walking past, but at the other side of the road. Though these three aren't bad looking either.

I took many pictures and even videos of people, which I won't bore you with them here. 

And this is where I started to get myself used to taking selfies. I am never a selfie person, but since I'm travelling alone...

...I had better get the hang of it. 

I stayed in the cafe for a little more than an hour and got back to hostel. And this is me so exhausted and so lazy to anywhere. I did think that probably this is one bad thing about traveling solo. I have got no one to force me to just buck up and start exploring rather than wasting the day away in bed. 

I forced myself up to go get a meal in a restaurant just outside the hostel area: 신의주순대국 Sinuiju Sundaeguk.

It is something I wanted to try: 순대 sundae or pork blood sausage. I ordered the soup version, which is perfect since I love rice with any kind of soup.

It was so good I finished it all! I sent this picture to my mom and she actually said, what? You are it all?!! Yup! Haha.

So I didn't do much today. But it was a good day nonetheless and the word to describe the day is PEOPLE, since it was all I did today, watching people. 


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