Sunday, January 12, 2020

After so many years of iPhones, this is a very frustrating phone to use

Some of you would know that I have always been an Apple person since I owned the iPhone 3G in 2009; followed by the 4 (2011), 4S (2012), 5S (2013) and 6S (2016). 

I even became the go-to-person among my friends when they need help on Apple and iOS stuff. I don't know why but I suppose I always make myself available to help them and I'd always try to figure things out for them. 

It all changed when I started to use the Razer Phone 2 and Android in 2019, when I run into so many problems I can't solve.

Maybe it's more the phone than Android. 

Android is alright. I find it hard to compare between iOS and Android because one is simpler and more intuitive while the other is more accessible and practical. I don't mind using one or the other now that I have used both. 

The problem I think is my phone. 

I keep having problems with it. My latest problem is that I have now lost access to my Internal Storage if I use the native Files app. I can no longer move my files to my Internal Storage because I can't get to it.

I wrote to Razer for help and I just got a reply to factory reset my phone. I don't know. I don't want to do that afraid that I will lose my stuff. I have never needed to factory reset any of my iPhones before. 

So now to move my files around, and particularly my photos, I am using three, yes three, apps. Google Go as a gallery app (yup, believe it or not, the Razer Phone 2 does NOT have a native gallery app to view photos), File Manager by Xiaomi to move my files and photos around and Files by Google to easily view where all the files are. 

That's too many and I'm bound to ditch one. So far File Manager by Xiaomi looks good except that all the icons and thumbnails are so small. I am sure the designers of the app are all in their 20s who do not realise some of their users would need a magnifying glass to use their app.

Let me go buy one now...


Update: ah, I found the solution! I fixed it and in a way where the Razer people should know since it's their product! And not ask me to unnecessary factory reset my phone!!! 


  1. I have never owned anything Apple. These days I don't even use Microsoft. So I do not have a basis of comparison except price. My Moto G5 Plus cost me $150 US and has been a great phone with great battery life for two years.

    The main upgrade I have made was installing the (free) Nova launcher. I love to customize my phone experience and it is really helpful. That said, I do not use the phone play interactive games that might need something high powered.

    I love the integration with Google products (gmail, calendar, text messages, etc) that Android offers. And I love the seamless integration between my phone and my Chromebook.

    Just a few thoughts. Hope you are doing well Pearlie. Have a great week!

  2. Hey Bob. Thanks for your comment :) I miss those when our blogs were so active. I am using Nova Launcher too and I love it. So much so that when I bought a Samsung tablet, I also installed that but the launcher in my tablet is limited in its features being free. I think I have the full version in my Razer Phone.

  3. So true about those old blogging days Pearlie. Life has changed much for me since I started blogging in late 2004. I still enjoy the prayer blog. The other blogs seem to be more seasonal in nature.

    The battery died on my old Nexus tablet in 2018. As my Chromebook runs Android apps and folds into tablet mode I have not felt a need to replace the tablet.