Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Feels like I just attended a kpop concert

I had a long and full day today with back to back meetings and discussions and it is a good day. However, I had to find some time to think through a proposal deck, through the storyboard on how to present it to management. 

I needed a place quiet enough to sit down and think without anyone disturbing me and so I took the lift down a few floors and walked to Starbucks.

But it is no longer quiet. It sounds like I am in a kpop concert. Starbucks's neighbour has undergone massive renovations and the new outlet now plays their music at maximum volume. 

I got my Chamomile Tea--since I better not take in any caffeine at this time of the day--took my seat and tried to concentrate. 

It was not ideal but it was a productive hour in spite of the loud music. I was quite happy about the results of my thinking. 

Back in my school days, I used to listen to Japanese songs when I study. I didn't understand the songs and so it wasn't a distraction but it did help me concentrate. I don't understand much of the Korean songs either, but just that it's just too loud.

Looks like I need to find another quieter place to think, unless the mall do something about it. 


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