Sunday, January 05, 2020

I went to Seoul

I went to Seoul for a holiday last week, and I must say, it's the best trip I had, ever. 

It was a good trip because:

1. I went solo. Not that I don't like traveling with family and friends. I do, just that by being a solo traveler, it's a different experience. And I can do whatever I want and go wherever I want. The thing is I am not a planner and so I don't really plan my trips. I do have a rough plan but every night before I go to bed, I would then decide what to do the next day. So being a solo traveler makes it much easier in that sense.

2. I stayed in a hostel. Which I can only do as a solo traveler. It was my first time and I really like the experience meeting other people. Except that I only managed to meet and make friends with one person from Taipei. We went for lunch once and she was very helpful in directing me to the right supermarket to shop for things home. 

3. It was a very reflective trip. Before going on the trip, I read an article about the 16-type personality and their traveling preference. Check it out here. I am an INFP, and it says that I am an imaginative traveler. When I travel, I am not just seeing new lands or meeting new people. Rather, I'm telling myself a story inside my mind--one that educates, inspires and revitalizes me, every step of the way. Travel isn't about being in the moment; it's about reflecting upon the moment and coming to understand what it has taught me. This really hit the nail in the head for me and with that, I reflected on the day every evening before I went to bed. It was very fulfilling.

4. I finally met my Korean friends. I got to know them from a language app one and a half years ago. So far, we've texted and chatted on and off, sharing about life and work, helping each other with our language learning. And now I finally got to meet them and we were really like old friends. They were also such excellent hosts and brought me around the city to so many places. 고마워 선영, 형래, 완용. 보고 싶어요. 정말!!!

5. I actually like winter! The decision to travel to Seoul was a last minute impromptu one and quite a few people were so worried for me afraid that I'd freeze in that city. The only person who was nonchalant and not worried about it at all was my husband! I should have listened to him and not stress myself up so much before the trip. When in Seoul, 형래 Heongrae and 완용 Wanyong bought me a padded coat, a pair of gloves and a cashmere scarf to keep me warm and God bless them, I felt so warmed up when dressed with enough layers and so warmed up in the heart as well. The weather was cold in the range of 0 to 5 degrees C and it even went down to -10 degrees C one bright morning. But I do like being bundled up warmly in the cold weather. 

6. And of course, Seoul is an awesome place. I was there 8 days and 8 days is not even enough to really see the city. There are so many places I have not been to. In the next trip then! Yipee!

As in my practice, I do do a daily blogging about my travel and I will do the same for this trip, though it will be back dated. 

So look out for it as I share with you my reflections as well as traveling tips in case you'd want to go to Seoul yourself. 


Update (Sat, 11 Jan 2020) took me 7 days to complete writing all my 8 days of travel to Seoul. But I am glad I did it. It's like traveling all over again but this time in reflection in my memories and they are indeed beautiful memories with friends. Here you go, my 8 days in Seoul:

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