Monday, January 06, 2020

Reading the Bible in a Year

My church has started a very good communal practice: sign up to read Scripture together as a church. 

We have four tracks to choose to take part in:

1. The Old Testament and New Testament in One Year with D.A. Carson's For the Love of God via the YouVersion Bible app.

2. The New Testament in One Year with The Bible Project via the YouVersion Bible app.

3. Table Talk by Martin Luther printed or online. 

4. I can't remember what the fourth plan is. It's a light version of an introduction to the Bible and a reading of Galatians in 6 days. 

My hubby and I both chose Option 2. I was contemplating to choose Option 1 but I thought I had better not over commit myself. Reading 4 long passages and one D.A. Carson devotional per day is no joke. 

So I am glad I picked NT in a Year by The Bible Project. And their videos are very well done. I am very impressed with their introduction video to the New Testament.

Check it out here.


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