Saturday, January 18, 2020

Very good replacement sofa covers

I have had my sofas for many years now and I know I have to change them already, until I saw this in Facebook, and with a 65% discount too.

When I watched the accompanying video, I like what I saw.

And so I checked out the prices...

...and it's going to cost me $58 + $49 for a quad and a triple, which will come to at least RM450 not including shipping. 

A triple sofa cover in Ikea will cost about that if not more and I thought maybe it could work. But to make sure, I went online to check out if there were any reviews of the product. 

But what I found was that these sofa covers are available in Shopee too! And at a fraction of the price. Notice that they used the same picture too.

I order a quad for RM64 ($15) and a triple for RM54 ($13), which brings it to only RM118 ($28) with free shipping. 

I fitted them on this morning and it is very good, for the price I paid. 

Take a look at my double sofa that needed a triple size cover. 

Not bad, eh? 

I'm happy. Now we can continue using our old sofas for a little while more.


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