Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Projects for the new year!

I have said before that I have stopped making new year resolutions because I will never keep them, and that I will have projects instead.

I know. I know. Call a spade a spade. But humour me. I will have my projects for the year. 

I started it back in 2016, continued it in 2017 and 2018. Missed 2019 and so now it's 2020.

Looking back at Project 2016:
1. Cooking - never lasted even a few months.
2. Knitting - haha...what was I even thinking, I gave up before I even started though I did purchase all the materials.
3. SketchNotes - been-there-done-that kinda deal but it was fun though.

And for Project 2017:
1. Reading - met my book challenge of 20 books in the year.
2. Join a technical choral group - I auditioned for one, got through but after one session, it wasn't what I had expected.
3. Learn a new language - started learning Korean and also to improve my Mandarin.

And as for Project 2018:
1. Reading - I did better completing 33 books out of my 25-book challenge.
2. Language - very disciplined with my Korean though I slacked on my Mandarin.
3. Lose weight - met my weight goal, woohoo! and was able to even go slightly beyond that.

I didn't make any list for Project 2019 but perhaps I do have the same ones:
1. Reading - for the first time since I started my annual book challenge in 2012, this is the year that I failed. I only read 9 books.
2. Language - good going but my strategy wasn't working as well as I expected. 
3. Maintain my weight - success!

And now Project 2020. When I looked at year 2019, I realised that I had wasted a lot of time on a lot of useless stuff. And with that, I have decided to reclaim my time that is to be wasted if I don't change. So my projects for 2020 will be these:
1. Reading - a 30-book challenge. I've just finished one book. Slowing down a bit right now since I'm catching up on my travelogue. Looking forward to getting back into the roll.
2. Writing - get back to blogging again and put my many thoughts into words, and hope it blesses others.
3. New Testament in One Year - I signed up for a communal reading of the NT with friends at church.
4. Exercise - I usually just have 3 but I'm adding one more. I hope to get this much needed thing going. 

Crossing my fingers!


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